A New Home For Your Listings

It's time to trade in the run-down renovation, for a modern day manor.

Beautifully Showcase Your Properties

Creativity is not learned, it is something that a few select individuals are born with. Rather than you spending countless hours trying to figure out how to build an attractive, yet informative website -- we've done it for you. Listing Scout websites offer the most aesthetically pleasing designs available to the real estate market today. It's been proven that uniqueness of your website is not the determining factor when it comes to a potential buyers decision, its the information, and the ease of consuming it.

Simplicity By Design

Time is money. As a result, nothing you do while attempting to make money, should take much time. Listing Scout's feature set, and design is a direct representation of our acknowledgment of this very reasoning. Our focus is to allow you to make as much impact, get the most attention, and convert as many leads as possible, all while doing as little work as possible. On the flip side, your website will not overwhelm your potential customers, rather welcome them, and direct them to the information they came seeking.

Sharing Made Easy

The days of marketing real estate on bus stop benches and newspaper pull-outs are a thing of the past. Real estate listings, and their respective buyers are moving online, and going social. With Listing Scout, you have the option to share your new listings to one, or many of your social media accounts.

More Listing Scout Features

Listing Scout offers many, powerful tools for converting more leads.

  • Photos Manager

    Your digital camera isn't the only place your photos live, attach them to listings from anywhere.

  • Hosted & Hassle Free

    No need to call the IT department, or understand server configurations, we've got you covered.

  • Personalized Domain

    Configuring your already owned domain names is quick and easy to accomplish.

  • Listing Management

    We've created what we consider the easiest way possible to input your listing information, ever.

  • Built-in Contact Forms

    Contact forms allow you to receive questions and comments, while ensuring the utmost privacy.

  • Searchable Listings

    Searching your listings has never been easier, your site offers instant searching of all your listings.

  • Social Connections

    Easily share your new listings via social media, putting your listings where your buyers spend their time.

  • Maps & Directions

    Buyers are using mobile devices to find, and get directions to properties they are interested in.

  • Embedded SEO

    Simple meta tags and keywords simply don't cut it anymore, but don't worry, your site is all set.

  • Featured Listings

    Showcase your featured properties, clearly and beautifully, with the click of a button.

  • Analytics

    Quickly and easily track traffic to your site and listings, without having to lift a finger.

  • Custom Theme

    Express your personality by customizing your sites colors, patterns, and fonts.

Pricing Made Easy

No Tiers. No add-ons. No contracts. No complications. We believe that our pricing should be as simple as our platform.

$10 / month